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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Performing manual post-transition tasks


After the storage cutover finishes successfully and transition is completed, you must perform some post-transition tasks for configuring features that are not transitioned, before enabling client access to the ONTAP volumes.

  1. Manual: Perform the required steps to configure features that were not transitioned, as listed in the precheck report.

    For example, you must manually configure IPv6 and FPolicy after transition.

  2. Delete or consolidate the configurations that are transitioned.

    The 7-Mode Transition Tool creates a new instance for all configurations that are transitioned from 7-Mode. Therefore, there might be several instances of some configurations, such as cron schedules, that might need to be consolidated or deleted manually.

  3. SAN transition: Manually reconfigure the hosts.

  4. Ensure that the SVM is ready to serve data to the clients by verifying the following:

    • The volumes on the SVM are online and read/write.

    • The IP addresses on the SVM are up and reachable from the name servers.

  5. Redirect client access to the ONTAP volumes.

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