ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Creating a copy-free transition project


The first step in planning a transition project is to select the source 7-Mode HA pair from which you want to transition the disk shelves, aggregates, volumes, and configurations, and then create a transition project.

  • The 7-Mode controllers in the HA pair must be running a supported ONTAP version on a platform that is supported for a copy-free transition.

  • Both controllers in the HA configuration must be healthy.

    1. Select the Copy-Free Transition migration method from the homepage and click Start Planning.

      If the controller and cluster required for a new project are not added, you can enter the details in the Enter Device Credentials pane.

    2. Select the source 7-Mode HA pair that you want to transition.

    3. Click Create Project.

      1. In the Project Details window, provide a name for the project.

      2. Select a project group to which the project should be added.

        You can either create a new project group or add the project to the default group.

        Creating a project group enables you to group and monitor related projects.

      3. Click Save.

        The Select Target Cluster screen is displayed.