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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Selecting the target cluster nodes for transition


You can select the target cluster HA pair and map each 7-Mode controller in the HA pair to a corresponding target cluster node. The mapped node specifies the cluster node to which the disk shelves from the corresponding 7-Mode controller must be connected.

The target cluster must be running Data ONTAP 8.3.2 or later.

You can transition the 7-Mode disk shelves to a target HA pair that has preexisting data aggregates and volumes.

For a two-node cluster, you must have a data aggregate to host the root volumes of the target SVMs. For a cluster with four or more nodes, the root volumes of the SVMs can be hosted either on the target nodes of the transition or on other nodes in the cluster.

  1. Select the target HA pair to which the 7-Mode disk shelves must be connected.

    The tool automatically maps each 7-Mode storage system to a target cluster node.

    Note The disk and aggregate ownership from each 7-Mode controller is transferred to its corresponding mapped target cluster node during the import phase.
  2. Click Swap Node Mapping to change the automatic assignment of source-to-target node mapping.

  3. Click Save and Continue.

    The SVM and Volume Mapping screen is displayed.