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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Discovering SAN boot LUNs after transition


After transition of your SAN boot LUNs from Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode to clustered Data ONTAP, you must discover the SAN boot LUNs on your host. This is necessary for copy-based transitions (CBTs) and copy-free transitions (CFTs). This applies to FC, FCoE, and iSCSI configurations.

If you are doing a CFT, procedures for vol rehost must be complete. See the 7-Mode Transition Tool Copy-Free Transition Guide for details.

  1. Boot the host.

  2. For FC and FCoE configurations only:

    1. Enter the HBA BIOS settings mode.

    2. Choose Rescan to discover the clustered Data ONTAP SAN boot LUNs on the host.

    3. Remove the 7-Mode boot LUN ID.

    4. Add the clustered Data ONTAP boot LUN ID in the HBA BIOS.

    5. Exit the HBA BIOS settings mode, and then reboot the host.

  3. After the reboot is complete, verify the clustered Data ONTAP LUNs:

    sanlun lun show

  4. Verify the DMMP device:

    multipath -ll