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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Preparing for post-transition ESXi host remediation

Contributors netapp-barbe

After the 7-Mode Transition Tool (7MTT) transition is complete, you must perform various ESXi host remediation tasks. There are several steps you must complete before you can perform those tasks.

  • For copy-based transitions (CBTs), perform these steps before initiating the Storage Cutover operation in the 7MTT.

  • For copy-free transitions (CFTs), perform these steps before initiating the Export & Halt 7-Mode Systems operation in the 7MTT.

  1. Generate the 7-Mode to ONTAP LUN mapping file:

    • For CBTs, run the following command from the Linux host where 7MTT is installed:
      transition cbt export lunmap -p project-name -o file_path

      For example:

      transition cbt export lunmap -p SanWorkLoad -o c:/Libraires/Documents/7-to-C-LUN-MAPPING.csv

    • For CFTs, run the following command from the system where the 7MTT is installed:
      transition cft export lunmap -p project-name -s svm-name -o output-file

      For example:

      transition cft export lunmap -p SanWorkLoad -s svm1 -o c:/Libraires/Documents/7-to-C-LUN-MAPPING-svm1.csv

      Note You must run this command for each of your storage virtual machines (SVMs).
  2. Verify that igroup and initiator mappings are present.

    7MTT re-creates the same igroup with initiators used in Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode, and remaps the clustered Data ONTAP LUN to the host.

  3. Verify that zoning is appropriate for the new clustered Data ONTAP target.

  4. If you are doing a copy-free transition (CFT), run vol rehost.

    See the 7-Mode Transition Tool Copy-Free Transition Guide for vol rehost procedures.