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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Testing transitioned LUNs on AIX hosts before the cutover phase of copy-based transitions


If you are using the 7-Mode Transition Tool (7MTT) 2.2 or later and Data ONTAP 8.3.2 or later to transition your AIX host LUNs, you can test your transitioned clustered Data ONTAP LUNs to verify that you can mount your MPIO device before the cutover phase. Your source host can continue to run I/O to your source 7-Mode LUNs during testing.

Your LUNs must be prepared for transition.

You should maintain hardware parity between the test host and the source host and you should perform the following steps on the test host.

Your clustered Data ONTAP LUNs are in read/write mode during testing. They convert to read-only mode when testing is complete and you are preparing for the cutover phase.

  1. After the Baseline Data Copy is complete select Test Mode in the 7MTT user interface (UI).

  2. In the 7MTT UI, click Apply Configuration.

  3. On the test host, rescan your new clustered Data ONTAP LUNs:


  4. Verify that your new clustered Data ONTAP LUNs are present:

    sanlun lun show

  5. Verify the volume group status:

    lsvg vg_name

  6. Mount each of the logical volumes:

    mount -o log/dev/loglv00 file_system_mount_point

  7. Verify the mount points:


  8. Perform your testing as needed.

  9. Shut down the test host:

    shutdown -h

  10. In the 7MTT UI, click Finish Testing.

If your clustered Data ONTAP LUNs are to be remapped to your source host, you must prepare your source host for the cutover phase. If your clustered Data ONTAP LUNs are to remain mapped to your test host, no further steps are required on the test host.