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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Features and volumes not supported for transition


You cannot transition certain 7-Mode volumes, such as traditional volumes, and certain 7-Mode features, such as synchronous SnapMirror relationships, because some features might not be available in clustered Data ONTAP.

You can transition a 7-Mode volume only to an SVM.

You cannot transition the following 7-Mode volumes or configurations:

  • Restricted or offline volumes

  • Traditional volumes

  • Volumes with NFS-to-CIFS character mapping (charmap)

  • Volumes with Storage-Level Access Guard configurations

  • Volumes that contain qtrees with Storage-Level Access Guard configurations

    If the target cluster is running Data ONTAP 8.3.1 or later, you can transition volumes that contain qtrees with this configuration.

  • Volumes with the no_i2p option enabled.

  • FlexCache volumes

  • 32-bit volumes and 64-bit volumes that have 32-bit Snapshot copies if the destination cluster is running Data ONTAP 8.3 or later

  • FlexClone volumes

    FlexClone volumes can be transitioned as FlexVol volumes, but the clone hierarchy and storage efficiency will be lost.

  • Root volume of a vFiler unit, where the root volume is based on a qtree that belongs to the default vFiler unit

  • Synchronous SnapMirror configuration

  • Qtree SnapMirror relationships

  • IPv6 configurations

  • SnapVault relationships

  • Network compression for SnapMirror

  • Restoring the destination volume to a specific Snapshot copy (SnapMirror break -s command)

  • Volume move operation