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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Features not supported for SAN transition


You should be aware of the 7-Mode SAN features that are not supported in clustered Data ONTAP so that you can take any necessary actions before the transition.

The following 7-Mode SAN features are not supported in clustered Data ONTAP:

  • Snapshot copy-backed LUN clones

    Snapshot copy-backed LUN clones present in the Snapshot copies are not supported for any restore operation. These LUNs are not accessible in clustered Data ONTAP. You must split or delete the 7-Mode Snapshot copy backed LUN clones before transition.

  • LUNs with ostype of vld, image, or any user-defined string LUNs

    You must either change the ostype of such LUNs or delete the LUNs before transition.

  • LUN clone split

    You must either wait for the active LUN clone split operations to complete or abort the LUN clone split and delete the LUN before transition.

  • The lun share command

    Sharing a LUN over NAS protocols is not supported in clustered Data ONTAP.

  • SnapValidator