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ONTAP 7-Mode Transition

Recovering from a failed LUN transition


If the transition of volumes with LUNs fails, you can use the lun transition 7-mode show command to check which LUNs were not transitioned to ONTAP, and then determine a corrective action.

  1. Change to advanced privilege level:

    set -privilege advanced

  2. Check which LUNs failed:

    lun transition 7-mode show

  3. Review the EMS logs and determine the corrective action that you must take.

  4. Perform the required steps shown in the EMS message to correct the failure.

  5. If any supported LUNs failed the transition, then to complete the transition:

    lun transition start

  6. View the transition status of the volumes:

    lun transition show

    The transition status can be one of following values:

    • active: The volume is in an active SnapMirror transition relationship and not yet transitioned.

    • complete: All supported LUNs are transitioned for this volume.

    • failed: LUN transition failed for the volume.

    • none: The volume did not contain LUNs to transition from 7-Mode systems.

    cluster1::*> lun transition show
    Vserver              Volume             Transition Status
    -------------------- ------------------ -----------------
    vs1                  vol0               none
                         vol1               complete
                         vol2               failed
                         vol3               active

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