How to access the ONTAP API

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You can access the ONTAP REST API in several different ways.

Network considerations

You can connect to the REST API through the following interfaces:

  • Cluster management LIF

  • Node management LIF

  • SVM management LIF

The LIF you choose to use must be configured to support the HTTPS management protocol. Also, the firewall configuration in your network must allow the HTTPS traffic.

Tip You should always use the cluster management LIF. This will load balance the API requests across all nodes and avoid nodes that are offline or experiencing connectivity issues.

ONTAP API online documentation page

The ONTAP API online documentation page provides an access point when using a web browser. In addition to providing a way to execute individual API calls directly, the page includes a detailed description of the API, including input parameters and other options for each call. The API calls are organized into functional categories. See Summary of the REST resources for more information.

The format of the URL used to access the documentation page for the most recent version of the API is:

Custom software and tools

You can access the ONTAP API using any of several different programming languages and tools. Popular choices include Python, Java, Curl, and PowerShell. A program, script, or tool that uses the API acts as a REST web services client. Using a programming language enables a deeper understanding of the API and provides an opportunity to automate the ONTAP administration.

The format of the base URL used to directly access the most recent version of the API is:

To access a specific API version where multiple versions are supported, the format of the URL is: