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cluster time-service ntp server modify

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Modify NTP Server Options

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The cluster time-service ntp server modify command modifies the configuration of an existing external network time server that uses the Network Time Protocol (NTP) for time correction and adjustment.


-server <text> - NTP Server Host Name, IPv4 or IPv6 Address

This specifies the host name or IP address of an existing external NTP server that is to be modified.

[-version {3|4|auto}] - NTP Version for Server (default: auto)

This optionally specifies the NTP protocol version that should be used for communicating with the external NTP server. If the external NTP server does not support the specified protocol version, time exchange cannot take place.

The supported values for this parameter include the following:

  • 3 - Use NTP protocol version 3, which is based on Internet Standard Request For Comments (RFC) #1305.

  • 4 - Use NTP protocol version 4, which is based on Internet Standard RFC #5905.

  • auto - Have Data ONTAP select the NTP protocol version.

The default setting is auto.

[-is-preferred {true|false}] - Is Preferred NTP Server (default: false)

This optionally specifies whether the external NTP server is the primary time source for correcting and adjusting the cluster time. The responses from this source will be used unless its time is outside the accepted selection range

The default setting is false .

You use this parameter when a high quality radio (or GPS) based time server is being used with a set of non-radio based backup time servers.

This parameter is available only at the advanced privilege level and higher.


The following example modifies the NTP version of an NTP server named The NTP version is changed to 4.

cluster1::> cluster time-service ntp server modify -server -version 4