accesscache.reachedlimits events






This message occurs when the access cache module reaches its limit for entries or export rules. This condition can prevent new clients from being able to mount and perform I/O on the storage system. This condition can also cause clients to be granted or denied access based on stale information.

Corrective Action

Ensure that the number of clients accessing the storage system is below the limits for access cache entries and export rules across those entries. If the set of clients accessing the storage system is constantly changing, consider using the "vserver export-policy access-cache config modify" command to reduce the harvest timeout parameter so that cache entries for clients that are no longer accessing the storage system can be evicted sooner.

Syslog Message

The exports access cache module on this node reached its limits while trying to add %d new entries (current count : %u, limit : %u) and/or %d export rules (current count : %u, limit : %u).


numEntriesDelta (INT): Number of new entries to be added.
numEntriesCurrent (INT): Current number of entries in the cache.
numEntriesLimit (INT): Limit on the number of entries.
numRulesDelta (INT): Number of new export rules to be added.
numRulesCurrent (INT): Current number of export rules in the cache.
numRulesLimit (INT): Limit on the number of export rules.