air.fc events






This message occurs when inconsistencies are detected in the origin of this FlexCache® volume. The affected files remain inaccessible from this FlexCache volume until the corrective action is taken.

Corrective Action

If the origin of this FlexCache volume is a FlexVol® volume, then run wafliron on the origin FlexVol volume. If the origin is a FlexGroup volume, then list the affected files from a NFS or a CIFS client on the origin volume. For more information or assistance, contact NetApp technical support.

Syslog Message

The fh %s in Origin of this FlexCache volume %s%s contains inconsistencies.


fh (STRING): File handle of the affected inode.
vol (STRING): FlexCache volume name.
volident (STRING): Unique identifier for the volume if volume name alone is insufficient.