coredump.shutdown events






This message occurs when a core is about to be generated. Durations of various activities at that time are reported.

Corrective Action


Syslog Message

coredump shutdown times: kmod dumper start %llu, panic_info set %llu, sf_dumpcore sent %llu, sparecore id sent %llu, fmot_outage info sent %llu, disk_dump_start done %llu, coredump begin %llu (all in msec).


kmodDumperStartTime (LONGINT): Duration from panic start to dump processing start, in milliseconds.
panicInfoTime (LONGINT): Duration until panic information is collected, in milliseconds.
sfDumpcoreSentTime (LONGINT): Duration until SF_DUMPCORE state is sent over the interconnect, in milliseconds.
sparecoreSentTime (LONGINT): Duration for sending the sparecore ID over the interconnect, in milliseconds.
fmotOutageSentTime (LONGINT): Duration for sending FMOT (Failover Monitor Outage Tracker) Outage information over the interconnect, in milliseconds.
diskDumpStartTime (LONGINT): Duration until disk dump start stage, in milliseconds.
coredumpBeginTime (LONGINT): Duration until the start of the actual core dump, in milliseconds.