disk.encryptfipspassphnosync events






This message occurs when a system with NetApp® Storage Encryption (NSE) enabled detects that the authentication keys (AKs, or passphrases) for the internal FIPS-compliance authorities in a FIPS-certified drive are inconsistent. This can occur when a previous attempt to modify the FIPS-compliance passphrases failed.

Corrective Action

Use the "security key-manager" commands to display the available AKs from external KMIP key-management servers or onboard key management (OKM). Use the "storage encryption disk modify -fips-key-id" command to assign the desired AK to the FIPS-compliance authorities in the drive. If the condition persists, either replace the drive, or use the "storage encryption disk revert-to-original-state" command to reset the drive to its original condition. Warning: This command also removes all user data from the drive.

Syslog Message

The FIPS-compliance authorities for NSE drive %s have inconsistent authentication keys (AKs).


diskName (STRING): Name of the drive.