diskown.ownerreservationmismatch events






This message occurs when the system discovers a disk that is supposed to be owned by one node, but the persistent reservation is owned by another node.

Corrective Action

1) Find the disk causing the conflict from EMS messages. 2) If the disk is in the spare pool, go to step 5. 3) Run the "storage aggr status -r" command to find the aggregate containing the disk. 4) If the aggregate is online, bring it offline by using the "storage aggr modify -aggr aggr_name -state offline" command. 5) Run the "storage disk show -fields owner-id,reserver-id" command to identify the reservation owner of the disk. 6) Run the "storage disk assign disk_name -s partner_sys_id -f" command to perform the disk assignment change from the node that owns the reservation for the disk.

Syslog Message

disk %s (S/N %s) is supposed to be owned by this node but has a persistent reservation placed by node %s (ID %u).


diskname (STRING): Name of the disk.
serialno (STRING): Serial number of the disk.
resvownername (STRING): Name of the system owning the reservation.
resvowner (INT): System ID of the node owning the reservation.