ems.asup events






This message occurs when the e-mail addresses for deprecated AutoSupport "noteto" messages are copied to EMS event notification destinations during an upgrade to Data ONTAP® 9.0 or later. This results in duplicate event notifications: one EMS notification and one AutoSupport short note message. Use the "event notification destination {show|modify}" command to view or modify deprecated "noteto" e-mail addresses to use new e-mail destinations. This copy action also creates an event notification that maps the "important-events" filter to all of the newly created destinations. Use the "event notification {show|modify}" command to view or modify the new event notification, as necessary. All events that match the "important-events" filter send notifications to the new destinations, including the AutoSupport triggers with "noteto" enabled.

Corrective Action

To remove event message duplication, remove the AutoSupport "noteto" addresses by entering the "system node autosupport modify -node * -noteto -" command.

Syslog Message

AutoSupport -noteto e-mail addresses have been copied and transitioned to EMS event notification destinations.