ha.nomediatormbx events






This message occurs when the non-local mailbox disks of a node are not accessible. The system will not be able to perform a takeover and can potentially prevent a takeover by the partner as well.

Corrective Action

Use the "storage failover show -fields local-mailbox-disks" command to verify that all nodes in the cluster can access their respective mailbox disks. Use the (privilege: advanced) "storage iscsi-initiator show" command to verify that all iSCSI connections are up and healthy. If not healthy, use the "storage iscsi-initiator add-target" and "storage iscsi-initiator connect" commands to add and connect any missing or misconnected iSCSI targets.

Syslog Message

Takeover not possible because non-local mailbox disks owned by node "%s" cannot be accessed.


mailbox_owner (STRING): Node that owns the non-local mailbox disks that could not be accessed.