lmgr.cb events






This message occurs when a lock manager waiting lock callback object cannot be allocated due to reaching the limit for waiting lock callback objects in the associated pool. It is possible there are too many clients holding locks on files where other clients want locks. Clients will have problems accessing or locking files through NAS protocols while at or above the waiting lock callback object limit.

Corrective Action

Move volumes to a node with a lower utilization of lock manager resources. Lock manager statistics can be displayed from the diagnostic privilege level. Use the "statistics show -raw true -object lmgr_ng" command for displaying all lock manager resource counters. Use the "statistics show -raw true -object lmgr_ng -instance <node-name>" command for displaying the lock manager statistics for a node’s limit pool. Use the "statistics show -raw true -object lmgr_ng -node <node-name>" command for displaying all lock manager statistics on the specified node.

Syslog Message

The number of waiting callback objects %u has reached the limit %u for the pool %s. The current number/limit of other lock manager objects are: files %u/%u hosts %u/%u locks %u/%u owners %u/%u


cb_waiting_total (INT): Number of allocated waiting callback objects in the pool.
cb_waiting_limit (INT): Allocated callback waiting objects limit for the pool.
pool_name (STRING): Name of the limit pool.
files_total (INT): Number of allocated files in the pool.
files_limit (INT): Allocated files limit for the pool.
hosts_total (INT): Number of allocated hosts in the pool.
hosts_limit (INT): Allocated hosts limit for the pool.
locks_total (INT): Number of allocated locks in the pool.
locks_limit (INT): Allocated locks limit for the pool.
owners_total (INT): Number of allocated owners in the pool.
owners_limit (INT): Allocated owners limit for the pool.