monitor.volume events






This message occurs when one or more file systems are nearly full, typically indicating at least 95% full. This event is accompanied by global health monitoring messages for the customer. The space usage is computed based on the active file system size and is computed by subtracting the value of the "Snapshot Reserve" field from the value of the "Used" field of the "volume show-space" command.

Corrective Action

Create space by increasing the volume or aggregate sizes, or by deleting data or deleting Snapshot® copies. To increase a volume’s size, use the "volume size" command. To delete a volume’s Snapshot® copies, use the "volume snapshot delete" command. To increase an aggregate’s size, add disks by using the "storage aggregate add-disks" command. Aggregate Snapshot® copies are deleted automatically when the aggregate is full.

Syslog Message

%s %s%s%s is nearly full (using or reserving %s%% of space and %s%% of inodes).


object_type (STRING): Identifier for the type of object to which this event applies (aggregate or volume).
name (STRING): Name of this object.
app (STRING): Application UUID.
vserver_uuid (STRING): Universal Unique ID (UUID) of the object’s Vserver, if the object is a volume. Otherwise, this string is empty.
percent_full_blocks (STRING): Used capacity of the space of the object, as a percent.
percent_full_inodes (STRING): Used capacity of inodes of the object, as a percent.