nblade.callbacktimedout events






This message occurs when the Nblade is unable to successfully complete a PORTMAP/SM call to the client within 1 seconds. The PORTMAP/SM calls are done as part of the per-aggregate lock reclaim process after a Dblade reboot. If a large number of such calls fail for a particular aggregate, then it delays the completion of the lock reclaim process for that aggregate. That delay prevents the aggregate from granting new locks to NFS clients.

Corrective Action

Check if the RPC program number displayed above with the correct program version is running on the client and if not start it. You can use "rpcinfo -p" on the client to check that. It is also possible that the client is unreachable due to firewall/network connectivity issues.

Syslog Message

SM NOTIFY: Vserver %d, Vif %d: %s program (Program number:%d Program version:%d) on client %s is not responding.


virtualServer (INT): Identifier for the Vserver associated with this operation.
lifId (INT): Identifier for the logical interface associated with this operation.
program (STRING): Client program not responding.
programNum (INT): RPC Program Number.
programVersion (INT): RPC Program Version.
remoteIpAddress (STRING): IP address of the client machine.