nblade.cifsmaxwatchespertreenotice events






This message occurs when the total number of directory watch (Change Notify) requests nears the configured limit. Upon reaching this limit, any further directory watch requests are denied. This typically indicates abnormal client behavior.

Corrective Action

Inspect the application using the connection, and also monitor the other applications on the client. The client might be operating incorrectly due to a faulty application running on it. Rebooting the client might also be helpful. In some cases, clients are operating as expected but require a higher threshold, which can be set by using the (privilege: advanced) "cifs option modify -max-watches-set-per-tree" command.

Syslog Message

Received %d Change Notify requests, nearing the configured limit of %d, on one tree: clientIP:port %s:%d, directory: "%s" on share: "%s", vserver: "%s".


currentCount (INT): Current count of the Change Notify on the tree.
maxValue (INT): Maximum allowed Change Notify on the tree.
IpAddress (STRING): IP address of the client requesting Change Notify functionality.
port (INT): Port number of the client from which the TCP connection has been established.
dirPath (STRING): Path of the directory on which Change Notify is requested.
shareName (STRING): Name of the share that holds the directory.
vserverName (STRING): Vserver associated with this operation.