nblade.junctionrootlookup2 events






This message occurs when the system cannot obtain the root file handle of the volume mounted on a junction path. The cause of the problem might be that the target node is down or the target volume or aggregate is offline. The typical client operation that triggers a junction root lookup is a directory list operation where one of the directory entries is a junction. As long as the root of the volume at the junction cannot be looked up, the NFS client that is listing the directory appears to hang.

Corrective Action

Check whether the volume or aggregate or node that matches the given MSID is offline. If it is, bring it online if possible.

Syslog Message

Junction root lookup of a volume in Vserver %llu with MSID %llu has failed for reason "%s".


vserverId (LONGINT): Vserver for this Master Data Set ID (MSID).
msid (LONGINT): MSID of the volume mounted at the junction being looked up.
reason (STRING): Additional information about why the operation failed.