nblade.nbnstoomanylifs events






This message occurs when the NetBIOS Name Service receives more than 25 IP addresses for a name registration request. This is typically caused because of an upgrade from a previous release that had more than 25 IP addresses configured for a Vserver and WINS was configured. In such a scenario, clients might not be able to access data because some of the IP addresses might not have registered with WINS.

Corrective Action

If there are more than 25 IP addresses configured for a Vserver, modify the "nbns-enabled-lifs" CIFS option to no more than a maximum of 25 LIFs by using the 'vserver cifs options modify -vserver <vserver> -nbns-enabled-lifs' command in advanced privilege mode when the effective cluster version is Data ONTAP 9.0 or later. In a mixed-mode cluster with a node running Data ONTAP 8.3, do not configure more than 25 LIFs per Vserver because of the following WINS server limitation: https://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windowsnt/4/server/reskit/en-us/net/sur_wins.mspx

Syslog Message

The NetBIOS Name Service received more than 25 IP addresses for name registration for Vserver %u.


vserverId (INT): Identifier for the Vserver associated with this operation.