nblade.vscannoregdscanner events






This message occurs when AV Connector notifies ONTAP® that it does not have a registered scan-engine. This could happen if the scan-engine never registered or unregistered because of some reason like it is misconfigured or shutdown. This might cause data unavailability if the scan-mandatory option is enabled.

Corrective Action

Ensure that the scan-engine software installed on the AV server is compatible with ONTAP®. Also ensure that it is running and is configred to connect to the AV Connector over local loopback.

Syslog Message

For Vserver "%s", AV Connector running on the AV server "%s" does not have a registered scan-engine to it.


vserverName (STRING): Vserver associated with this operation.
scannerIp (STRING): IP address of the AV server.
object_type (STRING): Type of the resource object under notification.
object_uuid (STRING): UUID of the resource object.