raid.initialize events






This message occurs when a foreign or partner homed spare disk is detected during system initialization.

Corrective Action

In Maintenance mode, remove this disk’s ownership by using the 'disk remove_ownership disk_name' command and assign it to the intended node by using the 'disk assign disk_name' command.

Syslog Message

%s: foreign or partner homed spare disk detected during system initialization.


disk_info (STRING): Formatted information of the foreign spare disk.
shelf (STRING): Shelf identifier where the disk is located.
bay (STRING): Disk bay within the shelf where the disk is located.
vendor (STRING): Name of the vendor of the disk.
model (STRING): Model string of the disk.
firmware_revision (STRING): Firmware revision number of the disk.
serialno (STRING): Serial number of the disk.
disk_type (INT): Type of disk.
disk_rpm (STRING): Rotational speed of the disk, in RPM.
carrier (STRING): Unique ID of the carrier in which the disk is installed.
site (STRING): For a MetroCluster(tm) configuration, indicates the site {Local|Remote} where the disk is located. For non-MetroCluster configurations, site is 'Local'.