repl.checker events






This message occurs when a SnapMirror® check command detects a missing block on a SnapMirror® destination volume and the volume might be in an inconsistent state that should be fixed as soon as possible.

Corrective Action

Run WAFL check or wafliron as soon as possible to clear this inconsistency and rebuild from the source or resynchronize. If the block is found to be in a Snapshot copy by running 'vol vbncheck' command, deleting the Snapshot copy should remove the inconsistency. Please contact NetApp technical support for more options.

Syslog Message

Snapmirror check on volume %s has detected a missing block at volume block number %llu. It is strongly recommended that you run WAFL check or wafliron to clear this inconsistency. Failure to do so might lead to node panic at any time.


volname (STRING): Volume name
vvbn (LONGINT): Virtual volume block number of the missing block.