san.noifgrpport events






This message occurs in MetroCluster™ configurations on clustered Data ONTAP® systems, when Data ONTAP places a LIF on a physical port because an ifgrp port cannot be found on the destination cluster node (DR partner) to host an iSCSI LIF.

Corrective Action

Ensure that ifgrp port exists, otherwise create an ifgrp port on the DR partner by taking the following steps. Run the "network port show" command to view the available ports on the DR partner. Use the "network port ifgrp create" to create ifgrp port and "network port ifgrp add-port" command to populate an ifgrp port. After ifgrp port is available on the DR partner, run the "metrocluster check lif repair-placement" command in the source cluster with the Vserver name and LIF name as inputs . After running this command, use the "metrocluster check lif show" command to see whether LIF placement succeeded or not.

Syslog Message

There are no ifgrp ports on node "%s" in IPspace "%s" to host the iSCSI LIF "%s" for Vserver "%s".


node (STRING): Name of the DR partner that does not have an ifgrp port.
ipspace_name (STRING): Name of the IPspace.
lif (STRING): Name of the iSCSI LIF.
vserver (STRING): Name of the Vserver for which the iSCSI LIF was incorrectly placed.