san.nosamenamedfcport events






This message occurs in MetroCluster(tm) configurations on clustered Data ONTAP® systems, when Data ONTAP cannot find the same named port to place an FC logical interface (LIF) in the destination cluster. A same named port is an FC port in the destination cluster that has the same name as that of the FC port in the source cluster hosting the FC logical interface (LIF).

Corrective Action

Check the admin state of the destination cluster FC port to ensure that it is up. Use the "fcp adapter show -fields status-admin" command to view the admin state of the target FC ports. After ensuring the same named port is up, enter the "metrocluster check lif repair-placement -vserver <vserver_name> -lif <lif_name>" command in the source cluster to initiate the LIF placement at the secondary cluster. After LIF placement has been completed, enter the "metrocluster check lif show -vserver <vserver_name> -lif <lif_name>" to see whether LIF placement succeeded or not.

Syslog Message

Same named FC port %s as the one in the source cluster that is hosting FC LIF %s on primary Vserver %s is not found in the destination cluster.


home_port (STRING): Name of the source cluster FC port.
lif (STRING): Name of the FC LIF.
vserver (STRING): Name of the primary Vserver.