sfu.downloaderror events






This message occurs when a disk shelf firmware update fails to successfully download firmware to a disk shelf or shelves in the system.

Corrective Action

Redownload the latest disk shelf firmware from the NetApp Support Site at http://support.netapp.com/NOW/download/tools/diskshelf/ and attempt to download disk shelf firmware again, using the (advanced privilege) "storage shelf firmware update" command.

Syslog Message

%s: Error downloading firmware file %s on %s.shelf%d.%s


cmdName (STRING): Name of the command issued, such as "storage shelf firmware update".
fileName (STRING): Name of the file in /etc/shelf_fw that was being downloaded.
channelName (STRING): Name of the adapter port or switch port on which the disk shelf firmware download error occurred.
shelfId (INT): ID of the disk shelf on which the disk shelf firmware download. error occurred.
ErrorReason (STRING): More information about the reason for download error.