sm.dst events





This message occurs when the SnapMirror® labels are lost for all Snapshot(tm) copies on the vault destination. This happens when the Snapshot copy tag’s metafile of a volume has an inconsistent header. As a result, SnapMirror cannot automatically delete existing Snapshot copies from the SnapVault® destination and can reach the maximum supported Snapshot copies limit. New Snapshot copies are not affected.

Corrective Action

When SnapVault destination reaches maximum supported Snapshot copies limit, delete the Snapshot copies that are missing the SnapMirror label. Use "volume snapshot show -snapmirror-label -" to get a list of Snapshot copies that are missing SnapMirror label.

Syslog Message

The volume '%s' has lost SnapMirror label for all Snapshot copies. SnapMirror will use Snapshot copy’s Name Prefix to automatically delete Snapshot copies based on SnapMirror policy '%s'.


dst_path (STRING): Destination volume of the SnapVault relationship.
policy_name (STRING): SnapMirror policy name.