vsdr.schedule events






This message occurs when a schedule is not available on the secondary site for replication of policies for a Vserver in a MetroCluster(tm) configuration or Vserver DR setup.

Corrective Action

Create a new job schedule on the remote site that is identical to that on the source site by using the 'job schedule cron create' command. If this is a SnapMirror® or MetroCluster(tm) environment, run the "snapmirror resync" command or the "metrocluster vserver resync" command respectively to resynchronize the Vserver configuration.

Syslog Message

Configuration replication for policy "%s" in Vserver "%s" has failed because the schedule mentioned in the policy is not available.


policy_name (STRING): Name of the policy that has a schedule that is unavailable on the secondary site.
vserver_name (STRING): Vserver name on which the policy was associated.