wafl.bagofbits events






This message occurs when a read directory request from an NFSv4 client is made to a Unicode-based directory in which directory entries with no NFS alternate name contain non-Unicode characters.

Corrective Action

Use the "volume file show-inode" command with the file ID and volume name information to find the file path. Access the parent directory from an NFSv3 client and rename the entry using Unicode characters.

Syslog Message

Cannot provide directory entry to NFSv4 client for file ID:%d in volume %s%s because it contains non-Unicode characters with no NFS alternate name.


fileid (INT): File ID of the entry in the directory for which non-Unicode characters are present.
vol (STRING): Volume in which the directory entry with non-unicode characters is present.
app (STRING): Application UUID.
volident (STRING): Unique volume identifier (UUID) when the volume name itself is insufficient.