wafl.inaccessible events






This message occurs when an access request is received for inaccessible user data (area blocked by wafliron).

Corrective Action

Use the "volume file show-inode" command with the file ID and volume name information to find the file path. Recover the file from a backup. For a SnapMirror® target, rebuild from the source or resynchronize. If the block is in a Snapshot copy, delete the Snapshot copy. Contact NetApp technical support for more options.

Syslog Message

Inaccessible user data block at FBN %llu Level %u in %s inode (file ID:%s Snapshot copy ID:%u file_type:%d disk_flags:0x%x) in volume %s%s%s%s.


fbn (LONGINT): File block number.
level (INT): Buffer level.
file_space (STRING): File space.
fileid (STRING): Identifying number for the suspect inode.
snapid (INT): Snapshot(tm) copy identifier: (0) - active file system (non-zero) - refers to Snapshot copy
type (INT): File type.
flags (LONGINT): Inode disk flags.
owner (STRING): Owner of the volume.
vol (STRING): Name of the volume.
app (STRING): Application UUID.
volident (STRING): Uniquely identifies the volume in cases where the volume name itself is insufficient.