wafl.incomplete events






This event occurs when the WAFL® kernel detects incomplete inode to path information for an inode on disk. This will cause the inode to path database to be reconstructed.

Corrective Action

No immediate action is required. The Inode to Path database will be reconstructed in the background. Please contact NetApp technical support or disable i2p using the volume option no_i2p.

Syslog Message

Incomplete Inode to Path information detected in volume %s%s%s%s. I2P data will be reconstructed.


owner (STRING): The owner of the volume
vol (STRING): The name of the volume
app (STRING): Application UUID.
volident (STRING): To uniquely identify the volume in cases where the volume name itself is insufficient.
func (STRING): The internal function name
fileid (INT): The identifying number for the suspect inode
snapid (INT): Snapshot identifier (0) - active file system (non-zero) - refers to snapshot
reason (STRING): An indication of the nature of the event.