wafl.lookup events






This message occurs when the system encounters an unexpected deleted directory entry in a snapmirrored qtree. This message can occur when accessing a directory in a snapmirrored qtree.

Corrective Action

This condition is transient. Wait for any in-progress SnapMirror(tm) operations to finish and try the operation again.

Syslog Message

wafl_nfs_lookup: unexpected deleted directory entry in snapmirrored qtree %d: {x%x %d %d %d %d} <%.*s> in {x%x %d %d %d %d}.


qtree (INT): Qtree identifier.
fh0 (INT): Directory file handle’s flags.
fh1 (INT): Directory file handle’s snapid.
fh2 (INT): Directory file handle’s fileid.
fh3 (INT): Directory file handle’s generation.
fh4 (INT): Directory file handle’s FSID.
name (STRINGARRAY): Name of the directory.
dfh0 (INT): Requested file handle’s flags.
dfh1 (INT): Requested file handle’s snapid.
dfh2 (INT): Requested file handle’s fileid.
dfh3 (INT): Requested file handle’s generation.
dfh4 (INT): Requested file handle’s FSID.