config.mirroring events






This message occurs when the name-service configuration is not replicated in the node. The out-of-sync configuration file can impact access during data access attempts.

Corrective Action

Use the "vserver services name-service unix-user load-from-uri" or "vserver services name-service unix-group load-from-uri" command to reload the configuration file. Use the (privilege: advanced) "vserver services name-service unix-user file status" or "vserver services name-service unix-group file status" command to verify that the configuration file was successfully loaded and corresponding database was successfully generated.

Syslog Message

Failed getting the latest %s file for Vserver %s on node %s with error %s.


configuration (STRING): Name of the configuration.
vserver_name (STRING): Name of the vserver, for which the configuration was not successfully replicated.
node_name (STRING): Name of the node on which configuration failed to replicate.
error_string (STRING): Error encountered while extracting package.