connectx.ibqsfpdumpctrl events






This message occurs when InfiniBand retimer programming fails due to a quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP) transceiver register dump failure, causing the control registers of QSFP to be dumped.

Corrective Action

Automatic retry of InfiniBand retimer programming will be done and an AutoSupport(tm) message will be generated if two retries fail.

Syslog Message

InfiniBand retimer programming failed on port %s due to %s. Dumping registers: control 0x%0x, data 0x%0x, timeout 0x%0x, clock 0x%0x.


port_str (STRING): InfiniBand port in which the cable is plugged.
reason (STRING): Reason for the failure of InfiniBand retimer programming.
ctrlreg (INTHEX): Contents of the QSFP control register in hexadecimal notation.
datareg (INTHEX): Contents of the QSFP data register in hexadecimal notation.
timeoutreg (INTHEX): Contents of the QSFP timeout register in hexadecimal notation.
clockreg (INTHEX): Contents of the QSFP clock register in hexadecimal notation.