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Benefits of an FLI-based solution


The FLI solution is designed to give NetApp customers exceptional value with these benefits.

  • FLI is built into ONTAP and requires no additional licensing.

  • FLI utilizes FlexArray technology, but does not require a FlexArray license.

  • FLI does not require an additional hardware appliance for data migration.

  • FLI-based solutions support a variety of migration types and configurations of third-party storage platforms.

  • FLI automatically aligns LUNs and can migrate a LUN hosted in a 32-bit aggregate to a 64-bit aggregate hosted on an ONTAP array. This makes FLI for 7-Mode to ONTAP an excellent choice for transitioning 7-Mode-hosted LUNs that are hosted on 32-bit aggregates and/or are misaligned.