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Foreign LUN Import concepts


Understanding of basic FLI concepts helps in proper operation and decreases the initial configuration effort.

  • Foreign array

    A foreign array is a storage device that does not run ONTAP. This is also referred to as a third-party array or source array. In the case of a 7-Mode to ONTAP transition, the foreign array would be an array produced by NetApp running ONTAP 7-Mode.

  • Foreign LUN

    A foreign LUN is a LUN containing user data hosted on a third-party array using that array's native disk format.

  • FLI LUN relationship

    A FLI LUN relationship is a persistent pairing between source and destination storage for the purpose of data import. The source and destination endpoints are LUNs.

  • LUN import

    LUN import is a process of transferring the data in a foreign LUN from its third-party format into a native NetApp format LUN.