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Verify phase workflow


The verify phase of the migration process focuses on the post-migration cleanup and confirming the accuracy of the execution of the migration plan. Initiator records on the source storage and the zone between the source and destination zone are removed.

The following figure shows the verify phase workflow.

verify phase 1

The verify phase tasks are listed in the following table.

Component Tasks


Customer performs application testing.


  1. Remove host to source storage zones from the zoneset.

  2. Remove source storage to destination zones.

  3. Backup the new zoneset.

Destination storage

  1. Verify LUN alignment.

  2. Collect FLI import logs from the Event log.

  3. Remove manually created Snapshot copies used during the migration process.

  4. Remove source array.

  5. Document final configuration.

Source storage

  1. Remove host storage initiator groups.

  2. Remove destination storage initiator groups.