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Physical wiring requirements for FLI


FLI has the same wiring requirements as NetApp FlexArray. NetApp storage initiator ports are connected to the fabric where source storage target ports are connected. Follow FlexArray best practices while connecting source storage to NetApp storage.

The storage arrays used during migration must have a primary path from each controller (in use) present in both fabrics. This means that the source array and the destination array nodes being migrated to must be in a common zone on both fabrics. It is not necessary to add other controllers in the NetApp cluster, only those actually importing/migrating LUNs. While you could use indirect paths for the migration, the best practice is to use active/optimized paths between the source and destination arrays. The following figure shows both the HDS AMS2100 and NetApp ONTAP storage having a primary (active) path present in both fabrics.

This figure is an example of storage wiring for dual fabrics.

physical wiring 1

Follow these wiring best practices: