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AIX Host Utilities 6.1 Release Notes

Contributors netapp-ranuk

The release notes describe new features and enhancements, issues fixed in the current release, known problems and limitations, and important cautions related to configuring and managing your specific AIX host with your ONTAP storage system.

For specific information about the operating system versions and updates that the Host Utilities support, see the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool.

What's new

The AIX Host Utilities 6.1 release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • AIX Host Utilities 6.1 added support for the memory fault issue that occurred in earlier versions of the AIX host OS. With AIX Host Utilities 6.1, only the sanlun binary has changed. The MPIO and related ODM remain unchanged.

Fixed in this release

BugID Title Description


sanlun lun show –p command might cause a memory fault on some versions of AIX host OS

Intermittent instances of AIX coredump are reported while running the sanlun lun show -p command. Sanlun’s lun show -p option provides the multipathing information for all the LUNs discovered on a host. It arranges this information to present which SCSI device is sourced from which LUN, the path state (primary or secondary), and other details. However, on some AIX hosts running the sanlun lun show -p command might cause a memory fault. This issue is observed only when you run the sanlun command with the -p option.

Known problems and limitations

You should be aware of the following known problems and limitations that might impact performance on your specific host.

Bug ID Title Description


AIX HU Sanlun reports incorrect HBA speed

Instances of sanlun displaying incorrect HBA speeds are reported while running the sanlun fcp show adapter –v command. The sanlun fcp show adapter –v command displays the HBA cards information, such as supported and negotiated speeds for the adapters. This seems to be a reporting issue only. To identify the actual speed, use the fcstat fcsx command.

NetApp Bugs Online provides complete information for most known issues, including suggested workarounds where possible. Some keyword combinations and bug types that you might want to use include the following:

  • FCP General: Displays FC and HBA bugs that are not associated with a specific host.

  • FCP - AIX