Solaris Host Utilities 6.2 Release Notes

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This release notes document contains the latest information for the Solaris Host Utilities 6.2, including updates about known problems, limitations, configuring and managing your ONTAP storage systems.

The Release Notes document is updated when new information on using the Solaris Host Utilities becomes available.

About the Solaris Host Utilities 6.2 release

The Solaris Host Utilities 6.2 supports several Solaris environments and multiple protocols.

The primary Host Utilities environments are:

  • Native OS with MPxIO with either the Fibre Channel (FC) or iSCSI protocol on a system using either a SPARC processor or an x86/64 processor.

  • Veritas Dynamic Multipathing (DMP) with either the FC or iSCSI protocol on a system using a SPARC processor and with the iSCSI protocol on system using an x86/64 processor.

The Host Utilities software is packaged as a single, compressed file. You can download the compressed file and the documentation from the NetApp Support Site. The ONTAP SAN Host Configuration provides instructions for installing and setting up the Host Utilities to work with your environment and protocol.

Solaris Host Utilities 6.2 enhancements

The Release Notes are updated between product releases as new information is available.

The Solaris Unified Host Utilities 6.2 continues to support the following versions of Solaris:

  • Solaris 11.x series

  • Solaris 10.x series

Known Problems and Limitations

To use the Host Utilities efficiently, you should be aware that performance can be affected by known issues about a particular feature, such as a network, or by features that the Host Utilities do not support, such as a specific version of an operating system.

Bug ID Title Description


Solaris 11.4 FC driver binding changes required in HUK 6.2

Solaris 11.4 and HUK recommendations.
FC driver binding is changed from ssd(4D) to sd(4D). Move configuration that you have in ssd.conf to sd.conf as mentioned in Oracle (Doc ID 2595926.1). The behavior varies across newly installed Solaris 11.4 system and upgraded from 11.3 or lower versions.

NetApp Bugs Online provides complete information for most known issues, including suggested workarounds where possible. Some keyword combinations and bug types that you might want to use include the following:

  • FCP General: Displays FC and HBA bugs that are not associated with a specific host

  • FCP - Solaris

About SAN Host Configuration documentation

Documentation for SAN Host Utilities is included in the ONTAP SAN Host Configuration documentation. ONTAP SAN HOST configuration documentation is cumulative, covering all current SAN HOST releases. Any functional differences across releases are noted in context.

Where to find product documentation and other information

You can access documentation for all NetApp products and find other product information resources, such as technical reports and white papers on the Product Documentation page of the NetApp corporate site.

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