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Solaris Host Utilities 6.2 Release Notes

Contributors netapp-ranuk

The release notes describe new features and enhancements, issues fixed in the current release, known problems and limitations, and important cautions related to configuring and managing your specific Solaris host with your ONTAP storage system..

For specific information about the operating system versions and updates that the Host Utilities support, see the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool.

Known problems and limitations

You should be aware of the following known problems and limitations that might impact performance on your specific host.

Bug ID Title Description


Solaris 11.4 FC driver binding changes required in HUK 6.2

Solaris 11.4 and HUK recommendations:
FC driver binding is changed from ssd(4D) to sd(4D). Move configuration that you have in ssd.conf to sd.conf as mentioned in Oracle (Doc ID 2595926.1). The behavior varies across newly installed Solaris 11.4 systems and systems upgraded from 11.3 or lower versions.

NetApp Bugs Online provides complete information for most known issues, including suggested workarounds where possible. Some keyword combinations and bug types that you might want to use include the following:

  • FCP General: Displays FC and host bus adapter (HBA) bugs that are not associated with a specific host.

  • FCP - Solaris