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System Manager Classic

Specifying advanced options for a FlexCache volume

Contributors netapp-thomi

Beginning with System Manager 9.6, when you edit a FlexCache volume, you can specify the advanced options that you want to associate with the FlexCache volume.

  1. Optional: In the Edit FlexCache volume window, click advanced options to specify the advanced options.

    The Advanced Options window displays. It contains sections (the headings in the left column), in which you can specify various options.

  2. Optional: In the General Details section, you can edit the permissions for the volume.

  3. In the Aggregates section, you can enable the Select Aggregates toggle button to override the best practices defaults and select your choices from a list of aggregates.

  4. In the Storage Efficiency section, you can enable compression and deduplication on the volume.

    Deduplication is not enabled by default for FlexCache volumes. System Manager uses the default deduplication schedule if the specified volume size exceeds the limit that is required for running deduplication.

  5. Click Apply to update the changes.