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System Manager Classic

Cluster and SVM peering overview

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Cluster administrators can create authenticated peer relationships between clusters and SVMs to enable the clusters to communicate with each other so that data is replicated between volumes in different clusters. You can perform the procedures using the ONTAP System Manager classic interface, which is available with ONTAP 9.7 and earlier ONTAP 9 releases.

Use the ONTAP System Manager classic interface to create cluster peer relationships and SVM peer relationships if the following apply:

  • You are working with clusters running ONTAP 9.7 or earlier ONTAP 9 releases.

  • You want cluster peering relationships that are authenticated.

  • You want to use best practices, not explore every available option.

  • You want to use System Manager, not the ONTAP command-line interface (CLI) or an automated scripting tool.

Other ways to do this in ONTAP

ONTAP System Manager in ONTAP 9.3 simplifies the way that you configure peer relationships between clusters and between SVMs. The cluster peering procedure and SVM peering procedure can be used for all ONTAP 9 versions. You should use the appropriate procedure for your version of ONTAP.

To perform these tasks with…​

Refer to…​

The redesigned System Manager (available with ONTAP 9.7 and later)

The ONTAP command-line interface (CLI)