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Upgrade controllers

Verify the health of the MetroCluster configuration

Contributors netapp-pcarriga

Before starting an upgrade on a Fabric MetroCluster configuration, you must check the health of the MetroCluster configuration to verify proper operation.

  1. Verify that the MetroCluster components are healthy:

    metrocluster check run

    dpgqa-mcc-funct-8040-0403_siteA::*> metrocluster check run

    The operation runs in the background.

  2. After the metrocluster check run operation completes, view the results:

    metrocluster check show

    After approximately five minutes, the following results are displayed:

    metrocluster_siteA::*> metrocluster check show
    Last Checked On: 4/7/2019 21:15:05
    Component            Result
    ---------------      -------
    nodes                ok
    lifs                 ok
    config-replication   ok
    aggregates           warning
    clusters             ok
    connections          not-applicable
    volumes              ok
    7 entries were displayed.
  3. Check the status of the running MetroCluster check operation:

    metrocluster operation history show -job-id 38

  4. Verify that there are no health alerts:

    system health alert show