Decide whether to use the aggregate relocation guide

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This guide describes how to upgrade the storage controllers in an HA pair with new controllers while keeping all the existing data and disks. This is a complex procedure that should be used only by experienced administrators.

You should use this guide under the following circumstances:

  • You do not want to add the new controllers as a new HA pair to the cluster and migrate the data using volume moves.

  • You are experienced in administering ONTAP and are comfortable with the risks of working in the diagnostic privilege mode.

  • You have a system that uses Fabric MetroCluster 4-node and 8-node configurations running ONTAP 9.8 or later.

Note You can use NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE) and NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE) with this procedure.

If you prefer a different method of upgrading the controller hardware and are willing to do volume moves, refer to References to link to the Controller Hardware Upgrade Express Guide.

Refer to References to link to the ONTAP 9 Documentation Center where you can access ONTAP 9 product documentation.