Apply RCF files and recable the switches

Contributors netapp-pcarriga

You must apply the appropriate reference configuration (RCF) files to reconfigure your switches to accommodate the new nodes. After you apply the RCF files, you can recable the switches.

Before you begin

The FC switch port usage must match the usage described in the Fabric-attached MetroCluster Installation and Configuration content so that the RCFs can be used. Go to References to link to the Fabric-attached MetroCluster Installation and Configuration content.

  1. Locate the RCF files for your configuration.

    You must use the RCF files that match your switch model.

  2. Apply the RCF files, following the directions on the Download page and adjusting the ISL settings as needed.

  3. Verify that the switch configuration is saved.

  4. Cable both of the FC-to-SAS bridges to the FC switches, using the cabling layout you created in Determine the new cabling layout.

  5. Verify that the ports are online:

    • For Brocade switches, use the switchshow command.

    • For Cisco switches, use the show interface brief command.

  6. Cable the FC-VI ports from the controllers to the switches.

  7. From the existing nodes, verify that the FC-VI ports are online:

    metrocluster interconnect adapter show

    metrocluster interconnect mirror show