Verify the health of the MetroCluster configuration

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You should check the health of the MetroCluster configuration to verify proper operation.

  1. Verify that the MetroCluster components are healthy:

    metrocluster check run

    cluster_A::> metrocluster check run
    Last Checked On: 10/1/2017 16:03:37
    Component           Result
    ------------------- ---------
    nodes               ok
    lifs                ok
    config-replication  ok
    aggregates          ok
    4 entries were displayed.
    Command completed. Use the "metrocluster check show -instance" command or sub-commands in "metrocluster check" directory for detailed results.
    To check if the nodes are ready to do a switchover or switchback operation, run "metrocluster switchover -simulate" or "metrocluster switchback -simulate", respectively.
  2. Verify that there are no health alerts:

    system health alert show